Exploring Teaching for Active Learning in Engineering Education

25th & 26th May 2023 - VIA University College, Horsens, Denmark

Keynote: Professor Euan Lindsay

Keynote: Linda Greve & Line Thune-Stephensen, VIA

Future Models for Engineering Education


The nature of engineering practice is evolving, and engineering education needs to evolve in parallel. Contemporary engineers work in increasingly asynchronous distributed digital workplaces, and our traditional face to face models of education are increasingly unfit for purpose over time.


Professor Lindsay’s talk will address the kinds of models that are emerging to address the needs of contemporary graduates, and the ways in which they take advantage of the affordances of digital technology to support the learning of engineering students.  He will draw from his experience in establishing a novel engineering degree program at Charles Sturt University in Australia, focussing on how the program addresses the emerging trends in higher education, how those trends have continued to evolve, and what they will mean for the future of engineering education here in Denmark and beyond

Euan Lindsay is Professor of PBL and Digitalisation in Engineering Education at the Aalborg Centre for Problem Based Learning in Engineering Science and Sustainability (UCPBL).  During his academic career Euan has held a number of leadership roles in engineering education, serving as Dean of the School of Engineering and Technology at Central Queensland University, and as the Foundation Professor of Engineering at Charles Sturt University.  He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of New South Wales, a Fellow of Engineers Australia, and a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy.  Euan has also authored or co-authored well over 100 journal articles and conference papers.

Euan believes most major challenges facing society today can be solved by engineers, including providing clean drinking water, energy sustainability or communications technology to keep people connected. He is excited about developing new engineering programs with a focus on making a difference, not just solving problems and making things, and hopes to inspire students to move forward in their careers with passion.

Due to illness, our planned keynote Dr. Ruth Graham can unfortunately not be present.

Dr. Ruth Graham has made this recorded Keynote available for download

We have instead found two exciting presenters from VIA, doing each a short keynote, please see below.

Linda Greve

Line Thune-Stephensen

Linda Greve: Metaphors we teach by - presentation


The way we think about teaching determine how we teach. However, the metaphors we use for teaching also open up a space of opportunities for developing our teaching. This short keynote presents a study of metaphors for teaching and shows how that has impacted the implementation of educational development at VIA University College.


Dr. Linda Greve is director of Academy of Education at VIA University College. She has worked in educational development and entrepreneurship teaching for well over a decade. In her research she has studied how knowledge workers share and co-create knowledge with an emphasis on metaphors for knowledge, teaching and education.



Line Thune-Stephensen : Recognizing the trailblazers of tomorrow - presentation


This short keynote will give you the characteristics of Generation Z, what triggers them and what are their expectations to us as their teachers, colleagues and leaders.

How do we keep them engaged and motivated?


Line Thune-Stephensen is head of the diploma education Engineering Business Administration at VIA University College. She also works as a consultant for professional networks and companies giving seminars about generation Z. She has experience from FMCG being responsible for the overall marketing function and leading teams of generation Z’s.